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Flight Series -II

Great Egret flying.


Tricolored Heron

Loved the name the first time I heard it. But unfortunately we could not reach very close to this bird. It was way too shy. We were about few 100 meters away sitting in the boat. The captain tried to reach near this bird really slow so that I can take a picture of it, but she flew away.  The shaky boat and the distance  resulted only in this. If it is not sharp enough please pardon me.


The out of focus bird is also a tricolored heron. Also, I was able to click an blurry pic of the heron’s long wings.

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Double crested Cormorant

These birds have an amazing diving skill. They dive into the sea, lake and catch their meal. They have this unique way to dry their wings and this is how they do

Once they dried their wings, they go into the water again and the routine continues.

Common Sandpiper

The sandpipers are seen usually near the water’s edge on beaches and tidal mud flats.  Sandpipers are ground feeders that dine on crustaceans, insects, worms, and other coastal creatures.


These birds are super fast runners. They have this keen eye for watching for waves even while eating.  All I observed was, even while busy searching for their feast they never wet their feet. The either run really fast away from the waves or fly. Simply admired their concentration and search for food.

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Great White Egret