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The watch has just begun

This is my first trip to  Bannerghatta national park. I really wanted to go to the safari ride and see what is in store for me.

Yes, my wishes came true. Was really really excited and happy to see every now and then, I was being said so and so animal is there to your left, right , center.  The clicking started and the day has finally started getting its actual meaning. My camera felt so happy, it gave me some amazing shots in return.

Among all the animals I happen to see, the laziest was the lion. Wanna see how he was actually lying down!!

Following the lazy fellow, double gates, we entered the white tigers’ section. The driver was really unfair with me this time. Every stop he made, the trees blocked and I couldn’t take good pictures. Finally I screamed to stop at my perfect location with loads of please and stops. My voice finally reached him and loads of thanks now. He stopped at the perfect spot and the clicks continued. This time, it was literally a stunner show for our eyes. We spotted two tigers and they  gave a complete show for us.

The tiger first saw his/her partner ( I start with his) and started walking towards her.  The tigress was hiding behind and watching him. Slowly there was a roar which kept on increasing and commanding at him for entering her territory.  When he tried to move further, she gave him a tight slap for entering into her territory. Later when I asked my hubby ( a veterinarian) for that rude behavior,  hubby told me that the tiger is either trying to mate with her or its sign of not to invade its territory  (so truly wild).  The hitting and rolling started and like every old Indian film, the remaining scenes were censored ( for here the driver drove the van from that place).

For sure, the pictures that were captured will remain as a great memory for me.

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Owl wink

One was sleeping deeply and the other was very upset that I was on their way. He/She gave such a daring scare, I got my message and went away.

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Red-bellied Woodpecker


It’s officially fall and the leaves are at its peak changing colors.

I always heard a lot about US East coast’s fall.  In simple words it’s always talked as  nature at its one of the best beauty.

The mid-west has some amazing fall colors too but the drastic change in weather does not allow it to stay for a long time.  Here the change in weather is very gradual and is very beautiful. My house is completely surrounded with trees and every tree is in different stage of fall. Some light green, some yellow, some red, some orangeish red, some maroon and more.

Here is a look at the fall colors of a park near my house.

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Brookside Gardens

Fall is slowly catching up in the neighborhood.  This is my first time in the east coast and I am very eager to see how it looks. There so many gardens in my area is completely filled with beauty and this post is about one such garden.  Brookside Garden in Montgomery County, Maryland. This park has some amazing collection of Roses (specially the ones we find in India) and lots of Asian and American spices, herbs and plants. Trust me this post is not about roses. :). This post is all about equally beautiful fall colors.

I simply loved the simple and filled with beauty everywhere. A very small park with a little pond and loads of trees surrounding all perfect for fall color changing.

Also, it was one of the most beautiful park for families too. Saw lots photographers capturing every precious moments of these families and to be families. 😉

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