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My best so far

I consider this as one of my best photography. I just wish I can take more pictures like this.

This is a tricolor heron trying to catch its food for the day. I happen to capture this shot at a bird sanctuary at Key Largo, Florida. This sanctuary is located almost end of Key Largo and it was really hard to spot as it does not carry any big hoardings or advertisements. This sanctuary is free for visitors and helps to take care of injured birds.

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In deep thought

Carry a smile even in your thought. Always helps to go a long way.

Common Sandpiper

The sandpipers are seen usually near the water’s edge on beaches and tidal mud flats.  Sandpipers are ground feeders that dine on crustaceans, insects, worms, and other coastal creatures.


These birds are super fast runners. They have this keen eye for watching for waves even while eating.  All I observed was, even while busy searching for their feast they never wet their feet. The either run really fast away from the waves or fly. Simply admired their concentration and search for food.

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The photowalk group here in Washington D.C. and nearby are so lively and active. They take all time out from their busy world and come down with awesome energy and enthusiasm.  Now coming to this post. We went to the McKee Beshers Wildlife Management where about several acres of Sunflowers were planted and they bloom only for two weeks in a year.  And this was the season. We were all asked to be there at 5:30 A.M. on a Saturday morning. Being there, thinking we were the first, I find 20 other cars already parked and about 25 photographers all set with their tripods and already shooting.  Finally we found a perfect place ( all in our mind)  and started our photoshoot. The result is what all this post is about..

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I also tried some HDR of these sunflowers and they also came out pretty satisfactory just like the one below.

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