Channapatna- My small toy story

I have always missed my childhood choppusaamaan (wooden cookery set toys).. It almost got registered in my mind that I am not going to see it again.

Every summer vacation of mine, I go to my grandpa’s house at Triplicane, Chennai. There will be some kind of festival happening at the temple and for sure there will be one theer utsavam (ratha yatra utsav). That one week, every evening, the streets will be filled with loads of toys and as a kid, I made sure I get my share of toys purchased.

As years went, we moved out of Triplicane and went I visited a few days back, I saw a lot of changes and of course shops filled with modern day plastic toys..

After moving back to India, one of the memorable trips we made was to Dodamallur Temple, approximately 63kms from Bangalore, Karnataka.  The first thing that came to my notice was the toys shop near the temple. To add my happiness, I see choppusaaman (cookery set toys). They are still there and the same wonderful colors. My joy multiplied as I noticed the entire shop was filled with my favorite childhood toys.  Slowly, developed my knowledge and came to know about Channapatna.. (How ignorant I was).

On our return trip we stopped at Channapatna and my family started purchasing few things. But for me, I wanted to fill my camera with these wonderful toys and keep safe for my memory. I bet, I will still have the same feel and joy as I had seeing them at the shop, even after several years or when  I read this post few years down the lane.

Hubby promised a second trip exclusively for toy purchasing and we are  making it sure all my favorite little ones in our family and friends circle are going to get one gift from us. I simply can’t wait to do this.

with loads of love for toys..


Channapatna, Town of toys

Channapatna, Town of toys

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The never ending sea breeze

Rameswaram is  famous for its charm, temples, history, Dhanushkodi, Pamban bridge and lots more. But what I liked the most was something else. It was felt all over the town. The entire town was super hot during this summer and the sea breeze made sure it occupied all the possible space it could. Face was salty, sticky, making my hair tangle yet I liked it. She was the only savior on the piping hot streets of Rameswaram during day time..

I couldn’t carry my camera for an early morning sunrise shot. But not regretting. I did take some shots after the yatra. Also now that hubby has promised me to take me back there for an exclusive photoshoot trip, all is well… 

Group flight

It was peak summer and we least expected to see birds. We luckily spotted this oasis in the middle of nowhere . We had to literally run into thorns and bushes before reaching a safer and nearer place to click this shot. All thanks to my hubby.

Place: Uthiragosamangai, Near Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu.

Owl wink

One was sleeping deeply and the other was very upset that I was on their way. He/She gave such a daring scare, I got my message and went away.

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