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An awesome weekend

It was a fantastic weekend, a trip to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo at Washington DC. When came to know the weather was going to be awesome, the day started with the monthly bird walk inside the zoo. Spring has finally sprung and who wants to miss. For our expectation, it started with an awesome start by spotting a red tailed hawk and a beautiful woodpecker.

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The bird walk went for about an hour and we spotted some amazing little birds and hell a group of night herons nested for laying their little ones. There were about 30 birds in the entire birds region. Also had the opportunity to see a heron building its nest.

But the one pics I simply loved capturing was this

This one simply loved seeing his/her face on that mirror again and again.. 🙂

Also happened to see some Washington cherry bloom and other beautiful trees completely decorating the entire region with their beautiful flowers.

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Food Photography

I know its been a very long time since I posted something on my blog. After a surprise India trip, stay home, winter, I was certainly lost. So as a comeback post, I wanted to get started on a sweet note.


Fall is almost over

With a sudden October snow fall, most of the leaves still intact on trees, it was an added beauty for this fall season.

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It’s officially fall and the leaves are at its peak changing colors.

I always heard a lot about US East coast’s fall.  In simple words it’s always talked as  nature at its one of the best beauty.

The mid-west has some amazing fall colors too but the drastic change in weather does not allow it to stay for a long time.  Here the change in weather is very gradual and is very beautiful. My house is completely surrounded with trees and every tree is in different stage of fall. Some light green, some yellow, some red, some orangeish red, some maroon and more.

Here is a look at the fall colors of a park near my house.

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Brookside Gardens

Fall is slowly catching up in the neighborhood.  This is my first time in the east coast and I am very eager to see how it looks. There so many gardens in my area is completely filled with beauty and this post is about one such garden.  Brookside Garden in Montgomery County, Maryland. This park has some amazing collection of Roses (specially the ones we find in India) and lots of Asian and American spices, herbs and plants. Trust me this post is not about roses. :). This post is all about equally beautiful fall colors.

I simply loved the simple and filled with beauty everywhere. A very small park with a little pond and loads of trees surrounding all perfect for fall color changing.

Also, it was one of the most beautiful park for families too. Saw lots photographers capturing every precious moments of these families and to be families. 😉

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