Toy Story

Girls/ boys, every kid has this unique love for one doll in their entire life time.

This post is about all the love for toys. I will start with mine.

I remember, I never had a stuffed toy. I always loved stuffed toy, but my dad bought me a plastic mold lady doll (he always said no to stuffed toys but finally managed to get one when I was in my 9th grade).  This lady doll with a bag on one hand, umbrella on the other, used to be my most fav doll until I lost it. The last memory I have about my favorite doll was, me playing with her at the Meenakshi Temple, Madurai when I was in my 4th grade. Till date, I could never remember the day when I lost it. Maybe for days I was worried too.  I don’t remember that either.

Next story, its about my niece. My sister-in-law bought her a mickey mouse when she was 2.5 years old. She is going to be 5 now. 2 months ago, she lost her mickey when she attended a wedding. Everyone in the house were scared how she is going to sleep that night, for that sake the next night, the next… She started writing mickey in every note book she could find. We felt so bad, my father- in- law searched every place in and around out city to get one mickey mouse doll.. Sadly, they couldn’t and now she is fine without mickey and managing with her mini mouse and daisy duck.

The last story is about my friend’s daughter and her love for her dolly. This was a cute little dolly, but one day when they had some get together, all kids started playing and sketched dolly’s face with permanent markers. The hand’s broken, the face is ugly but still the love for dolly is the same even when my friend got her a new dolly (exactly the same).  The  little sweet heart named the new doll “new dolly” and still cuddles her old one.  She asked me to do a dress for her dolly and I finally tried to make one.

Every time I think  about the love for dolls in our early age, everyone for sure has a story. Be it a stuffed doll, a plastic doll or your favorite car, every one has a childhood story.  When I first say toy story, I felt why not my doll too would have felt I lost her. Who ever found her, would have kept her happy.. Love for toys is same for everyone..


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