Brookside Gardens

Fall is slowly catching up in the neighborhood.  This is my first time in the east coast and I am very eager to see how it looks. There so many gardens in my area is completely filled with beauty and this post is about one such garden.  Brookside Garden in Montgomery County, Maryland. This park has some amazing collection of Roses (specially the ones we find in India) and lots of Asian and American spices, herbs and plants. Trust me this post is not about roses. :). This post is all about equally beautiful fall colors.

I simply loved the simple and filled with beauty everywhere. A very small park with a little pond and loads of trees surrounding all perfect for fall color changing.

Also, it was one of the most beautiful park for families too. Saw lots photographers capturing every precious moments of these families and to be families. 😉

For more pictures of Brookside Garden I captured, visit my facebook page.


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