What I love about my DSLR the most!!

I have read many reviews about many DSLRs and always wondered if my choice of purchase is right or wrong. Sony alpha 230, a very basic beginner DSLR with usual settings and no sophisticated attachments. Its been a year and half since I purchased my SLR and I still keep asking this question. So for one final time I asked this question to myself and this is how I felt.

Every time  I see a Nikon or Canon, I feel J.  But what you know, sometimes you have a diamond in your hand and you never knew its worth.  I learnt this lesson everytime I click a picture close to my heart.  The comparison never stopped and will never as technology keeps updating itself every day.  But the satisfaction of what I have too increases every time I click something close to my heart.

Not every picture I take speaks to me.  Sometimes, what I think  an ordinary picture will have a lot more to speak than some pictures where I do lots of monkey acts to take one. Honestly speaking, I end up capturing some crap.

Regardless of what basic camera you have, just learn the technique better. Have a creative thinking every time you step out for a photo shoot.  Brush you knowledge a little bit about what you camera and what it  actually is capable of doing. Also, always have an open mind before stepping out for a photo shoot. Enjoy what you do, result will automatically be captured in your picture.


One such picture which spoke to me is below.


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  2. wonderful macros!

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    • Thanks 🙂

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    Very well-clicked. 🙂

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