Photography Lessons – III

Knowing about my camera was never the first lesson I learn’t. All I did was taking pictures. Sometimes it was too good, sometimes really bad. But learning about my camera, these days, is my only lesson I learn.. Initially, knowing the camera modes and taking a good picture gave me a satisfaction. But these days, I want to learn more. Some of the photographs on Flickr have envied me so much, kept me wondering many times,why cannot I take such beautiful picture.. So, started trying to learn.

Everyone cannot take a photography lesson in schools. Learning through websites is one of the easiest way today. Learning little details itself gives a satisfaction of learning something really big. And collecting all these little details and implementing it enhance our photography technique is even more satisfactory.

One such website through which I learnt few basics  is, Light and Composition. Their first article has every basic concept of photography, which an amateurish photographer should know.

The one thing I learnt and loved about their basics of photography is this

Discovering the Soul in your Photography

In photography, light and composition are two of the most important factors, but you also need to understand your subject in order to truly portray the essence of it. You must have an artistic eye to see things in life and nature. Seeing and understanding the subject, and then transforming that into a photograph, is the soul of photography. This is why we call the first section, “Discovering the Soul in your Photography”. In every issue, this section will give numerous tips regarding this.” From Light and Composition

For today’s lesson, I wanted to learn about lighting. With my new macro lenses and filters I tried few shots. Here are they. Please view it and let know your comments..

So, to incorporate what I learn’t, I tried taking few pictures. To begin with, I just let it more sunlight to my house and started taking the pictures with natural light.. Then used the three new filters we purchased recently. UV filter, CPL filter and FL-D filter. I didn’t find much difference while using the UV filter,so not attaching any picture of it. But the other two filters showed a tremendous change.

The Fl-D filters helped a lot in eliminating the day light fluorescent and also it eliminated the green color

While the CPL lens helped eliminating most of the light. I also learn that,positioned a right angle to the sun, the CPL lens works perfectly on eliminating the excessive light.

But taking a picture with no sophisticated filters and lens will also deliver some good pictures. All it needs is light,focus,click.

Last but not least. I also learn’t that altering the picture(unless required) also imperfects the picture we take. So I tried to take my picture to perfection without altering its background or composition using any software except to collage them 😉


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